Adirondack Chairs Atlanta


Big Daddy Chair-$259-$299

Standard Chair-$149-$199

Folding Chairs-$149-$199

Recliner Chair w/Retractable

​Foot Rest-$239.00

Child's Chairs-$79-$99

Sports Chairs-$79

​Side Tables-$49-$99

​Foot Rests-$39-$79​

Poly Coating-$35.00

*Staining/Painting-$35 per Chair-You Furnish Paint or Stain*

Delivery-$35-(25 Mile Radius)

(Up to 4 Pieces)

​*(Please allow 10-18 days on Large Orders)

Credit Cards

Rocking Chairs

Now Available.

​White, Black,

Dark Brown


Solid Oak Adirondack Chairs

Teakwood Adirondack Chairs

Big Daddy Chairs

*(NOTE: It takes almost a day to complete a chair from start to finish, so  please allow us  enough time to provide the best quality chair for you. Thank you.)

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Frank Nance, 


 Here at Adirondack Chairs Atlanta, we want you to know that all of our chairs are built in Tucker, Georgia by American Craftsmen. We use the best quality treated woods in our construction. We use only original Adirondack patterns. Quality goes into every chair. If you haven't sat in an Adirondack chair, then you haven't lived a full life.

​​Big Daddy Chair Recliner

With Slide out Ottoman

Big Daddy / Walnut Stain

Contoured Seat & Back

​​Adirondack Chairs Atlanta

Bluebird Houses

Adirondack Chairs-A Classic Chair that can Last for Generations!

Big Daddy Chair-

Our Most Popular Chair

Made in the